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Chartered accounting

Chartered accounting  - Auditing - Corporate finance - Social  - Legal - International

SFC Group’s 250 employees routinely serve the needs of almost 6,000 clients. The Group has 12 sites in France and 1 in USA (Miami) managed by a team of 23 partners, all of whom are French chartered accountants.

Start-ups, VSBs, SMEs, SMIs, groups, foreign subsidiaries, self-employed professionals, farmers, wine producers, tradespeople, small retailers, associations, foundations and M&A participants in all sectors have trusted our Group with their business for more than 35 years.

It is our goal to be the trusted partner of company heads at the key stages in their professional and private lives.

Our internal organisation, which is run in line with demanding and professional specifications, is structured in order to best adapt services to client expectations, with consistently high performance levels and a commitment to continuous improvement.


Our areas of expertise

Chartered accounting

We define with each client the most appropriate tools and management methods in view of their needs and structure


We conduct all our audit assignments in compliance with the core principles of integrity, impartiality, expertise, objectivity and confidentiality


Included Transaction Services / Corporate Transactions, Equity Management, Financial Advisory Services


A constantly changing legal environment, a confusing number of regulations and multiple risks for a company director … Employment is a complex area of law. We advise and assist company directors on all aspects of administrative HR management.


Manage your business in France : Personal management in France, all you need to know !

In this third episode of Speed MOOC SFC, Maud presents the various processes and documents to put in place if you have or are planning to have employees. It will enable you to cover all your obligations, whether before hiring or during or on termination of the employment contract.



For more than 20 years we have provided foreign companies and subsidiaries with a range of specific services suited to their needs. Our dedicated multilingual teams are equipped with the necessary skills and are fully trained in international taxation

Certified ISO 9001 in recognition of our quality-based and client satisfaction-focused approach

The ISO 9001 standard is essentially geared towards client satisfaction through management based on a system of continuous improvement using a business process approach.

Our internal organisation, which is run in line with demanding and professional specifications, is structured in order to best adapt services to client expectations, with consistently high performance levels and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our specialised divisions

We have set up specialised divisions to advise and assist company directors at all key stages of their professional and private lives.
Our specialised wealth management division helps our clients to preserve and enhance the value of their assets and to anticipate their transmission.
This division was set up 15 years ago. It specialises in the management of tax-free investments, including all the associated legal, accounting, tax and employment aspects.
Our specialised division offers bespoke social protection, health, pensions and employee savings solutions.

 A member of leading associations

Our membership of recognised national and international networks allows us to contribute to our clients' success and offer added value to our accounting, audit and consulting services, throughout the world.

Member of the Eurus Alliance

The Eurus Alliance is the 3rd largest national association of independent accounting, auditing and consultancy firms. Representing 42 firms, 240 partners and 2,700 employees, Eurus members are present in 185 towns or cities throughout France. Members share experience, pool knowledge and develop and share innovative tools and methods, benefiting from the diversity and variety of the association’s members.

Member of BKR International

This international association currently represents more than 160 accounting firms in more than 500 towns or cities and 80 different countries. Our membership of BKR International means we can call on correspondent firms with specialist knowledge of their local environment in almost any country in the world.

Member of ATH

The ATH technical Association represents 21 audit and accounting firms and more than 2,000 employees. Its objective is to pool resources and accordingly improve the quality of the services members provide.

The Association offers:

  • Strategic intelligence on changing client expectations
  • Research on the optimisation of methods and techniques
  • Training for staff skill building
  • An internal quality control procedure to monitor the quality of services delivered


 The new legal obligations for your company in 2018

Two new legal obligations concerning, firstly, company law (the creation of a register of beneficial owners) and, secondly, the payment of social security contributions on your investment income and interest on shareholders’ current accounts (electronic payments or “télérèglement”) are to be introduced in 2018.
These are our suggestions for complying with these obligations.

=> Our general information
=> The letter of information on the introduction of the Register of Beneficial Owners
=> Document for beneficial owners of a company
=> The power of attorney

Need more information ? Contact us !

 Recruitment subsidy for SMEs

€500 paid quarterly by transfer during the first two years of the contract for a total of €4,0000

Eligibility conditions

Companies with fewer than 250 employees (on average in 2015)
Hiring an employee between January 18, 2016 and December 31, 2016
Employee Remuneration not exceeding 1.3 minimum wage (“SMIC”) : €22,877 annual gross - €1,906 monthly gross

Contract types :

  • Permanent contract (“CDI”)
  • Fixed-term contract of 6 months and more (“CDD”)
  • Transformation of a Fixed-term contracts into a Permanent contract
  • “Contrat de professionnalisation” of 6 months and more
Details - special cases
  • Subsidy amount depends on :
    • The contract duration => 6 months CDD = two bonuses of €500 or €1,000 in total
    • The weekly hours of work => part-time employees case
  • Salary amount over 1.3 * SMIC with weekly working hours exceeding 35 hours : if the hourly rate (excluding bonus due to overtime) does not exceed 1.3 * minimum wage hourly rate (€12,26) => aid is granted.
  • Contracts with bonuses : If the bonus amount is not clearly identified on the employment contract (bonuses indexed on sales for instance), it will not be taken into account to grant the subsidy => only the initial employment contract and the clearly identified amounts in the remuneration are taken into account to grant or not to grant the subsidy.
  • Fixed-term contract extension : aid is not granted if a CDD under 6 months is renewed , even if the total period of the 2 CDD is equal to 6 months or more.

This aid can be combined with:

  • « le CICE »
  • « l’aide réduction bas salaire »
  • « le pacte de responsabilité et de solidarité »

This aid is not cumulative with the recruitment of a first employee assistance. This aid does not apply to the apprenticeship contracts .

If the recruitment aims to replace an employee (including for example maternity leave) : aid granted => What matters is the contract duration (of 6 months or more).

Operating instructions
  • Apply online on the embauchepme.gouv.fr website by filling out a CERFA form
  • Transmit the original printed to the « Agence de services et de paiement » (ASP)
  • Confirm your employee presence on the Portal Sylae of ESL each quarter end
  • Our Social Department can handle the process, from the initial request for the quarterly management

Contact : Marie Christine MEHENNIE - m.mehenni@groupesfc.fr - +33 4 78 17 17 17

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