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Chartered accounting

You are an international company and you plan to set up in France

The first step : Finding the right partners !

The SFC Group and its international division has successfully assisted foreign companies for 40 years :
  • as they set up in France
  • with their international expansion plans
Through our :
  • multilingual team dedicated to assisting international groups
  • specialists trained in the specific features of international business

SFC international :
a range of international services

Compliance with your home country’s reporting standards
US GAAP, HGB, IFRS Due diligence
International VAT advice Rules applying to expatriate and seconded staff
Transfer pricing Remote accounting systems, VPN, FTP, EWS
Customs and triangular transactions International Tax optimisation
Audits European regulatory intelligence, OECD, etc
Payment of dividends, royalties and cross-border interest Double Taxation
Close collaboration with home country HR Multilingual service

7 reasons to choose France

  • One of the most attractive countries for foreign investors because of the R&D tax credit and other financial aid available
  • A strategic positionwith a coastline that open onto the world
  • An ideal launching pad with established links to African ans South American countries
  • Global connectivity : a hub for innovation and new technologies
  • Competitive start-up and operating costs
  • A highly-qualified labor pool
  • The quality of life